Don'tcha LoveFL

A decade ago, VISIT FLORIDA launched a campaign to boost visitation during the 2009 financial crisis called, "Share a Little Sunshine."

Share a Little Sunshine has since grown into a thriving community of 600,000+ members who love to share their favorite Florida places, experiences, and what makes them proud to live in the Sunshine State, resulting in: 

  • 3 million pieces of content shared with #LoveFL
  • 3 billion impressions
  • 100,000+ Instagram followers

This concept marked the first advocacy community of its kind for a travel organization and has since been duplicated by numerous other destinations. After a decade of success, the Share a Little Sunshine community is evolving to continue to position VISIT FLORIDA as a leader within this space.

To capture the essence of this evolution, VISIT FLORIDA has created #LoveFL to showcase what Floridians love most about our state. Debuting last month, #LoveFL is the definitive source for the discovery of unparalleled beaches, crystal blue springs, exotic flora and fauna, vibrant arts and history, and the hidden gems and experiences that make the Sunshine State truly shine.

VISIT FLORIDA wants to share your #LoveFL stories.

The beach where your toddler touched the ocean.

That day you met a manatee.

The roller coaster drop when you found religion.

Be funny. Be sweet. Be honest. And please be brief: 100 words or less. Please include a photo to complement your story. We’ll publish the most compelling entries here.

Share why you #LoveFL!