Susan Chou, 2021 Vice President, Membership

Thank you for your interest in joining the PRSA Palm Beach Chapter – a vibrant and active chapter of the largest, national professional association for public relations professionals.

Our chapter is one of seven in the PRSA Sunshine District which encompasses all the Florida-based chapters. We often produce joint programs with other Florida chapters and this offers even more networking at a regional level. The District produces an annual educational conference held in varying cities in Florida. The Palm Beach Chapter was the hosting chapter of a successful conference in 2018. The Sunshine District also holds a statewide communications competition — the Radiance Awards — a coveted award that recognizes outstanding strategic public relations programs by Florida practitioners and organizations.

As a chapter member you get access to several valuable national membership benefits and continuing education seminars from the national organization and the District. The Sunshine District and PRSA International Conferences are not to be missed, as they will surely impact you professionally by improving skills, broadening your influence, preparing you for future trends, career development, and by expanding your contact network.

The Palm Beach Chapter hosts programming for continuing education, skill building and hot issues throughout the year, as well as social events, formulated for building camaraderie and careers. To become a member of the Palm Beach Chapter, you must first become a national member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Be sure to indicate the Palm Beach Chapter as your home chapter when completing your PRSA membership application.

As a member of this chapter, you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Your professionalism, credibility, and image as a public relations professional will be enhanced by aligning yourself with PRSA.

PRSA Palm Beach member benefits

  • Discounts for submissions to the annual Palm Awards competition and Palm Awards luncheon.
  • Eligibility for scholarships to attend professional development conferences and events, apply for accreditation (APR) or obtain PRSA membership.
  • Access to local job announcements and member news.
  • Unlimited access to valuable case studies and other resourceson the national PRSA website.
  • Other discounts on useful services such as, LifeLock, UPS and FedEx.


For more information, please contact:
Susan Chou
Community Manager and Brand Ambassador, Labor Finders
2021 Vice President of Membership, Palm Beach Chapter
Public Relations Society of America
[email protected]